About Petals Kids

Petals Kids is a garden temple of laughter and learning. It’s a sacred wonderland where tender minds are nurtured under watchful eyes and cared for with gentle hands. We sow the seeds of inspiration and use the waters of education so that every child’s creativity, curiosity and imagination can bloom into stunning flowers of wisdom and knowledge.

Our Statements


Our focused and clear VISION is to lay a solid foundation for learning to enable each child to achieve academic & emotional stability, so it becomes multi-dimensional thinkers as well as leaders of tomorrow through traditional values of Love, Empathy, Discipline & Respect.


Our MISSION is to Provide positive and loving environment to educate and inspire every child to Think, Learn and Succeed. To provide roots of responsibility and wings of independence.

Petals Kids School Philosophy


Message From Founder & Director

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in Petals Kids. The choice of a preschool or a day care is often the first big decision parents have to make concerning their child’s education. We fully understand how momentous this process can be, and how much time and thought must be invested to ensure the right decision. Our school website explains the core values as well as priorities at Petals Kids. We sincerely hope it serves as the first building block in our partnership with you and your child. Petals Kids is a vibrant and welcoming learning community, committed to creating the best possible educational experience for every child. We create a supportive and inclusive,environment to achieve our child-centric objectives. We offer a broad curriculum and a range of opportunites for all our students to achieve excellence in acedmic, creative, social, cultural, sports and community endeavours also. We value collaborative learning and positive relationships. We value regular contact with parents, and regard the homeschool partnership as an essential element of the education process. Our aim is to enable all children to reach their full potential,also Our duty is to create experiences and interactions. We look forward to working with you as partners in your child’s education and upbringing.

Archana Khosla
Founder & Director, Petals Kids

Petals Kids Curriculum & Learning

Petals Kids curriculum reflects our belief that children need a balance of child-initiated and teacher-facilitated activities in their growing years. This approach helps sound child development theory and appropriate practices.
Learning at Petals is vivid, real, purposeful, enjoyable and challenging. Our effort is to develop independent learners. Some salient features of the process are:
1. Learning through play & interactive teaching methods helps in making a happy environment for kids.
2. Project and practical based learning.
3. Tailor made programme to suite every child’s learning needs.
4. Learning beyond classroom through lots of co-curricular activities.
5. Learning is imparted by giving the children freedom to wonder, to ask, to explore, to create and to imagine.
6. Learning tools used for interactive teaching methods are Role Plays, Puppet Shows, Power Point Presentations, etc.

Learning At Petal Kids Is Child Centric & Collaborative Approach

A set of learning goals for each learning area has been defined and the is child is facilitated to reach the goal by the end of academic year. Care is taken to cover all the the domains in an interactive and fun-filled manner for the overall growth of the child.
The assessment is continuous and ongoing and the child is assessed only after completing all the milestones in a subject.

1 Language: Reading & Pre-writing, Symbolic Play, Communication, Listening, Self Expression
2 Cognitive: Reasoning , Imagination, Concentration
3 Physical: Sensory , Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Coordination
4 Social & Emotional : Confidence, Relationships, Empathy, Culture

Team Petals Kids : The Role Models

Petals Kids has a talented, dedicated and caring staff. The team works collectively and acts as extension of the love, attention and care given to the children at home. Our relaxed and cozy ambience encourages friendly interaction between students and teachers. Teachers, Day Care Coordinators and Caretakers are always available to speak to you on a one to one basis.