Petals Kids Day Care

Age: 4 Months - 13 Years

“Day Care is not only about baby-sitting, it’s a responsibility to enhance the Mental and Physical Enrichment”

Every parent thrives in providing the best environment and quality of life to their child, but due to long working hours and true commitments towards career building, at times feel themselves a little incomplete in giving quality time to their child.

Child ends spending too much time with TV & Mobile, also being in nuclear families, doesn’t get opportunity to engage with peer and learn social skills of sharing & caring and becomes adamant with lot of pampering.

Please don’t feel guilty. Petals Kids has a solution for it.

Daycare should not be a treated as a compulsion for working parents but an opportunity for a child to engage in various activities for Holistic Development, be it either before a child is eligible for play group (2 years of age) or even post school hours.

Please visit us and check out for Petals Kids Unique *Objective based Activity Schedule*, for Child’s *Development of Cognitive, Physical, Language, Social/Emotional skills*, which includes, Sports, Music, Dance by professional trainers.

Petals Daycare Objectives

  • Social & Emotional Development
    Building trust with adults and other infants- Respond to your child’s signals, especially the infants. Your child will see many different, yet consistent and familiar faces and engage in activities that encourage cooperation and imaginative day.
  • Physical Development
    Learning fine & gross motors skills- Ensure physical development of your child through tasks that improve coordination, accuracy and balance, by using variety of play equipment. Give encouragement and positive reinforcement at every step.
  • Cognitive development
    Learning about the environment around- Nurture your child’s development by allowing them to respond to, adapt to, and learn about their surroundings using all of their senses by using educational games.
  • Language & communication development
    Learning how to express wants and needs- Constantly communicating and engaging child in activities which help them express and understand both verbal sounds and nonverbal body language.

Level of activity to develop each skill in each age category is different and is scientifically planned.

INFANT CRADLE ROOM with low wall hanging cradles, Floor cradles, Eco friendly soft flooring, Soft toys, Music, & trained care takers for infant care)

SPORTS & PLAY ARENA (Play equipment for each age group with professional sports trainer) & designated Infant & Toddler Play Area….

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