10 Parenting Tips for Good Behavior

1st parenting tips :- Be a parent, not a friend. This means you cannot be afraid to be the bad guy.   angry with you sometimes. Deal with it. Let him fail sometimes. If you don’t, how do you expect him to ever learn how to cope with life’s ups and downs? Nobody is successful at everything.Sometimes, […]

A holistic approach to be winner

Maria Montessori said in the early part of the last century is more relevant today in the 21st Century which is that, “ academic excellence alone can no longer assure success and happiness in life and career.” We have to focus on the child’s holistic development to help them become winners. Holistic development means the […]

10 Facts About Cucumbers

Check out some fun and surprising facts about cucumbers and learn how to cure a headache, hangover, or even keep your breath in check!

Social skills are important to learn in preschool

Social skills are important to learn in preschool rather than waiting for the child to go till primary school. One of the reasons older children may have difficulty in school is that they never really learned  in preschool. skills such as learning how to listen, nice talk, brave talk, taking turns, acceptance of multi-cultural differences, […]

Tackling The Homework Assignments

With the right routine, studying can become an integral and peaceful part of your child’s daily life.Good study habits are the foundation for academic success. Homework reinforces learning, develops responsibility and builds commitment. With the following guidelines, you can keep homework avoidance to a minimum and get your kids moving towards better study habits and […]

Television the “one-eye babysitter”

Our kids seem to become calm, quiet, attentive in front of the television. Most importantly, it seems to parents like a load is lifted off them. Television’s effect on children is both positive and negative. In this article, we want to discuss some of the guidelines you can use for children. Some of these guidelines […]